Aquatic Remedies Paracidol 120ml

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  • Wild Paracidol for Fish Internal Care
  • Dosage : 10 ml / 100 litre
  • Paracidol – FW is very effective against Sleeping Syndrome
  • For all tropical Fishes Internal Care
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Aquatic Remedies Paracidol 120ml

Excellent Result – Must Use !!!Buy It Now Suitable For All Aquarium Fishes Proven Formula For External And Internal Parasitic Infections. Paracidol – Fw Is Very Effective Against Koi Sleeping Syndrome And Also Against Argulus Sp (Fish Lice), Lernea Sp (Anchor Worm), Gill Flukes, White Spot / Ich, Costia, Hole-In-The-Head Disease And Other Parasitic Infections. Paracidol – Fw Strictly Not To Be Used With Invertebrates. Dosage : 10 Ml / 100 Litre. I Will Put This Bottle In A Bopp Cover And Tightly Rap With Adhesive Tap Protecting The Item Well When Shipping The Item To You.

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