Twinstar Aquarium LED Light for Planted Tank 450E 45-60cm ( Acrylic Brackets )

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  • LED Configuration: RGB-W / Red (10), Green (6), Blue (9)
  • Color temperature: 6500K
  • Intensity: 1600lm
  • lass thickness: 5 – 6mm
  • W450(mm) X D270(mm) X H300(mm)
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Twinstar Aquarium LED Light for Planted Tank 450EA 45-60cm

The Twinstar full spectrum LED provides unparalleled performance with innovative design, creating the sleekest looking light fixture that ever grew a plant.
Experience the true colors of your aquascape in it’s highest potential. The Twinstar LED offers an optimum range of wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm which is exactly what plants need to thrive and flourish.
The EA model features the same great lighting module as the E series except with adjustable acrylic legs.
We have tested this light and have been extremely happy with results. In fact, it is our favorite LED light to date, not only for it’s performance but because it’s also very aesthetically pleasing.
Uses Japan NICHA LED chips, RGB-W LED mix which produces a high PAR level.
Increases photosynthesis rate (Increase Pearling effect) of plants, especially for red plants.

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