The 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix 200ml

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  • Algae Treatment for aquarium plants
  • Effective targeted treatment for BBA, Staghornm Hair, Fuzz, Thread and most filamentous algae
  • Biodegrades after 24hrs
  • Safe for plants and fishes without long term side effects
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The 2Hr Aquarist APT Fix 200ml

The smarter way to treat algae. Especially effective for BBA, hair/string/fuzz and most forms of filamentous algae.

While healthy plant mass is the #1 natural defence against algae, life is often unpredictable.
The filter or CO2 diffuser gets clogged. Grandpa overfeeds the fish. The auto-timer takes an unannounced holiday.

These shocks ( seemingly insignificant to us) weaken plants and give algae a window of opportunity to spawn.
APT Fix works to rebalance the system by targeting the fundamental weakness of algae- their comparatively less developed protective cell walls. When spot-dosed per the recommended dosage, it instantly arrests algae growth while allowing plants to recover.

No copper

  • Most algae treatments use compounds that contain Copper, which is a powerful biocide.
  • The problem is that copper, like other heavy metals, accumulate over time and do long term damage to the tank’s ecosystem.
  • APT Fix uses an active compound that biodegrades naturally within 24hours, with no nasty residues.

Dominant plant mass

  • The best natural defence against algae is a healthy dominant plant mass. Tanks with alot of exposed, un-planted areas are far more susceptible to algae, in the same way that fertile open fields invite weeds to grow.
  • Aim to have at least 70% of the substrate planted. Plants are like trees in a forest. With the right conditions, they naturally outcompete algae.

Top algae magnet

  • The top algae trigger is organic waste and decaying matter. Never over-stock a tank in its early months. Livestock waste contributes significantly to algae issues in new tanks (< 3 months old).
  • Regularly change water the 2Hr Way and remove old/ decaying leaves. Stem plants require replanting of the healthy tops after trimming once or twice. Old deteriorating stems invite algae to bloom.

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