Tetra Min Granules 250ml

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  • The rich mix for small community fish
  • Granules are enriched with vitamin c
  • Leads to less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium
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Tetra Min Granules 250ml

These small, slow-sinking granules are designed to reach the smaller fish in your community aquarium with the same nutritious benefits as TetraMin flakes. TetraMin Granules provide a highly nutritious diet perfect for small community fish. This slow-sinking formula contains essential nutrients and added vitamin C for optimum nutrition and does not cloud water when used as directed. TetraMin Granules are great for reaching all fish in your aquarium…including mid-water feeders. Clean, Clear Water Tetra formulas feature micro milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal as a core ingredient making them pure and digestible with fewer colorants. This leads to less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium.

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