Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour 75g / 250ml

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  • Superior granulated feed for common and valuable goldfish
  • For more intense colors
  • Carotenoids, spirulina algae and other substances that enhance colors
  • An ideal and high-quality feeding regime keeps your fish in optimal condition
  • With Clean and Clear Water Formula plus BioActive Formula
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Tetra Goldfish Gold Colour 75g / 250ml

Formula rich in spirulina and carotenoids to reinforce colors fish naturally. Many fibers, which make the food animin gold colour digested and assimilated, to reducing the possibility of water pollution. Rapid softening in water. Perfectly balanced, it contains all the essential ingredients to meet the specific needs of goldfish and other fish prized in cold water. Administration is recommended together with animin gold energy. Enriched with formula bio active composed immune stimulants, omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and other vitamins and a bravettato agent anti stress, it is able to ensure the marine fish living longer and healthier because it stimulates the immune system and provides a series of elements that allow the fish to overcome any source of stress.

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