Taiyo Economy Fish Food 1kg

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  • Taiyo Economy Pack 1kg
  • Fast growth
  • Floating type
  • Specialists fish food never clouds the water
  • Will send Only available Size: 1.2mm, 2.5mm, 5mm
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Taiyo Economy Fish Food 1kg

Taiyo economy 1kg fast growthing. Floating type. Specialists fish food never clouds the water. Size: 1. 2mm quantity: 1kg product description taiyo is a balance staple diet for all tropical fish, it is scientifically developed to meet the basic dietary needs for healthy growth and lustrous skin, it helps to reduce water pollution with digestible ingredients. High nutritious feed accelerating growth rate of tropical fish and gold fish. Contains natural ingredients outstandingly increase appetite. Spirulina added to give better color development, enhance lustrous skin and keep the fish in body shape. This feed produced by high technology to prevent water contamination. Features: provides luster to your fish. Increases appetite. Healthy growth. Enhances natural color of your fishes. Does not contaminate water. Nutritional ratio: crude protein. Min 32% crude fat. Max 4% crude fiber. Max 5% moisture. Max 10% specifications: weight – 1kg.

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