Ro2 Pro Ph Buffer Marine Elements 300g

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  • Perfect SEA water elements – super concentrated
  • pH buffer powder in a stable form
  • Increases pH & Alkalinity
  • Maintain carbonate hardness
  • Fish & invertebrates safe
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Ro2 Pro Ph Buffer Marine Elements 300g

Pro pH Buffer increases both pH and Alkalinity in water. Raises and maintains carbonate hardness for the safer pH & Alkalinity for fish and invertebrates.

Do not increase the pH value by more than 0.2 in a single dose. Instead, use it several times at a minimum 4 hours gap.

pH maintenance suggestions

  • Marine Fish : >8.1
  • Coral reef : >8.2
  • African Cichlids : >7.4

Regular Dose:- 5g = 1 teaspoon /  100L Water

Mix the required amount of pH buffer into a cup of aquarium water. dissolve well and apply in the aquarium evenly.

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