Yee Aquarium Hang On Filter Plantation Edition

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  • Yee Aquarium Hang On Filter Plantation Edition with surface cleaner
  • Advanced Mute, Leak proof, Multi stage Filtration
  • Large flow control
  • The biochemical filter cotton on the top of the filter has reserved planing holes, which can be used to plant hydroponic green plants to realize fish grass co-raising
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Yee Aquarium Hang On Filter Plantation Edition

Forceful filtration, direct water into the internally sealed filter canister for filtration

  • Adjust the amount of water
  • Filtered water flow direction
  • Flow direction


  • Large-flow water pump + forced filter to make the filter effect batter
  • Ultra-thin design, beautiful and does not take up space
  • With Oil Film collector
  • Silent water outlet design
  • The design of the extended water inlet pipe, the length range is between 20-30 CM, suitable for different heights degree of fish tank
  • Double-layer filter cotton ( first use biochemical cotton containing activated carbon to remove large particles of impurities which can remove ammonia, odor and other harmful substances, then use high-density biochemical cotton to further purify water quality
  • Simple operation and convenient cleaning ( the forced filter box can be disassembled independently and the cleaning is very simple
  • The biochemical filter cotton on the top of the filter has reserved planing holes, which can be used to plant hydroponic green plants to realize fish grass co-raising.


  • Before starting the filter, it must be ensured that the water in the filter is not lower than the minimum water level, otherwise there will be no water pumping and the life of the water system will be affected.
  • When cleaning the filter, it must be operated under the condition of turning off the power
  • In order to ensure that the filter can start normally again after a power failure, please keep the water level of the fish tank at above the minimum water mark.
  • When the voltage is too low for the pump to start normally, the voltage must be adjusted to the rated voltage so that the product can work normally.


  • Make sure that the local voltage supply is consistent with the working voltage of the product, and do not use this product for purposes other than those specified.
  • When you turn on/off the power switch and insert/unplug the power plug, make sure your hands is dry state.
  • When the product has an abnormal output of insufficient water, it should be disconnected immediately.



Using 3-stage filtration, improve filtering effect, better filter culture

Superfine Wool: high-density filtration, high fiber density, can effectively filter small impurities.

Activated carbon biochemical cotton: coarse speed, deodorization, bacteria culture.


The water outlet is widen, the flow comes gently, and the convex waterfall increases oxygen

Slow down the water flow speed, increase filtration time


It can automatically expand, float or rotate with the water level, remove the surface grease and make the water quality better


Excessive impurities in the water may cause blockage of the canister. The water inlet has an anti-overflow design, which helps the canister be drained from the anti-overflow port, safe and secure

Adjustable Flow

Water volume regulator, easily and effectively control the water volume.

Bottom Fixed Button

The position of the filter can be adjusted to keep it in a fixed position, convenient and practical

Extension hose

Equipped with water inlet extension pipe, suitable for various water levels.

The mesh design of the filter inlet can better filter impurities in the water

Quiet and energy saving

Use 2.8W (mainly wattage) high-power motor, no iron loss, no magnetic damping, energy saving and more power saving.

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