Ro2 Pro Microlife Marine Elements 500ml

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  • Perfect for Bacterial Colonies
  • Reduce Oxidation
  • Oxidizes ammonia to nitrite
  • Nitrite to Less toxic nitrate
  • Biologically degrades uneaten feed
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Ro2 Pro Microlife Marine Elements 500ml

An Innovative concentrated beneficial bacterial liquid consortium for marine aquarium. PRO-MICRO LIFE act as the initial inoculum of beneficial bacteria and also can be used as a regular purpose add-on for water purification.

Pro Micro Life works based on the principle of bacterial oxidation and reduction. It oxidizes ammonia to nitrite and nitrite to less toxic nitrate. It biologically degrades uneaten feed, fish excretes, and organic wastes.

Pro Microlife is manufactured by the seeding bacteria formulator of Dubai mall aquarium (UAE) & Times City Aquarium (Vietnam).

It Contains both the blend of ammonia and nitrite reducing bacteria (Nitrosomonas sp and Nitrobacter sp). It is buffered with a bacteriostatic medium and stable at room temperature.

Regular Dose:- 5ml / 200L / Weekly

For new tank maturation and cycling use it for 5 days continuously at daily once.


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