Ro2 Pro Magnesium Marine Elements 500ml

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  • Perfect SEA water elements – super concentrated
  • An important element for calcium & alkalinity
  • Prevents excess precipitation of calcium
  • Helpful for skeletal growth of corals & active fish in a marine aquarium
  • Maintain a minimum of 1180 ppm for healthy coral reef and marine fish
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Ro2 Pro Magnesium Marine Elements 500ml

Pro Magnesium is an important element for regulating calcium and alkalinity levels in a marine aquarium. It prevents excess precipitation of calcium in aquarium substrate and is helpful for the skeletal growth of corals. Magnesium regulates physiological activity in fish.

Pro Magnesium is manufactured by the seeding bacteria formulator of Dubai mall aquarium (UAE) & Times City Aquarium (Vietnam).

Pro Magnesium should be maintained at a minimum of 1180 ppm to have a healthy coral reef & marine fish aquarium. Check Magnesium ppm by a reliable test kit and add if it is required. Use as below calculation.

Regular Dose:- 5ml / 200L / Weekly

5ml / 200 Litre increases 1 ppm of magnesium in the aquarium water with a single dose.

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