Reptile UVB Heat Lamp Light Bulb Basking spot lamp Produce Vitamin D3 and Calcium 13W 10.0


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  • Perfect desert uvb reptile light: 10% UVB and 30% UVA output, special glass tube made by machine, stable UVB output and fading rate of UVB is low.No harmfui UVC output.
  • Reptile 10.0 uvb bulb for is ideal for all desert dwelling reptiles, such as bearded dragon, tortoise ,leopard gecko and other lizards.
  • Our uvb 10.0 reptile light is useful for reptiles to produce Vitamin D3 and calcium, prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease.UVA can increase feeding,mating and other natural behaviors.
  • E26 socket(standard US size), Please check our 10.0 uva uvb light size and your lamp fixture size.
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Ideal for desert dwelling reptiles
High UVB and UVA output
No harmful UVC output
Very high D3 conversion
Provide necessary UVB rays for optimal calcium metabolism
Prevent or reverse metabolic bone disease,and increase feeding,mating and other natural behaviors
E26 Socket

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