Ocean Free XO Ever Red 100g / 280ml

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  • Protein 43% min.
  • Fat 4% min.
  • Fiber 4% max.
  • Ash 15% max.
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Ocean Free XO Ever Red 100g / 280ml

It is an essential food for magnification of the red coloration for all Flower horn Breeds. Constant feeding will increase spread area of redness on flower horn Cichlids while making them more intense and bright. Feed is specially processed to help fish grow more radiant and stay healthy. High content of spirulina and krill extracts with all other natural colour enhancing elements that will improve the redness in fish in 7-10 days. Special immune substance added to increase resistance against diseases.

Important Notice:
Always buy the original Pack. Original box will come with a 3D hologram. Do not accept if the packing doesnt have 3D hologram. Report to support@easypets.in if you find anybody selling without hologram

Feeding Guide:
Feed 2-4 times daily for small fish and 2 times only for large fish. Each feeding amount depends on consumption within 2-5 minutes. Do not overfeed. Reduce feeding for one day after refreshing aquarium water. Store in cool and dry place. Stop feeding if any deterioration found

Special red colour enhancement ingredient, fish protein, quality white fish meal, krill, spirulina, shrimp meal, wheat germ, soybean meal, wheat flour, antarctic shrimps, protease, stable multivitamins, immune substance, calcium, enzymes and organic minerals.

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