NIKA Clean Crown 28ml

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  • Clears off the white patches
  • Stop bacterial growth, on the crowns of Lionhead Goldfish
  • Prevent any reinfection
  • Add a few drops of Clean – Crown onto a clean cotton bud then rub on the crown
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NIKA Clean Crown 28ml

The cotton-like white patches/spots on Lionhead Goldfish contain bacteria. Strictly speaking, this is a chronic disease and is awful to sight. Just rub gently the patches with a cotton bud on which a few drops of Clean-Crown has been added, and the patches will come off immediately.

Cleans off the white patches, a bacterial growth, on the crowns of Lionhead Goldfish and prevent any reinfection


1. Add few drops of CLEAN-CROWN onto a clean cotton bud.
2. Rub the treated cotton bud gently against the white pacthes on the crown.

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