Maxspect Ethereal E5-130w Aquarium LED Light

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  • Maxspect Ethereal E5-130w Aquarium LED Light
  • Active & passive Cooling Technology with WiFi Connectivity
  • Increases growth and enhances natural coloration
  • Easy to mount & mounting system includes
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Maxspect Ethereal E5-130w Aquarium LED Light

Recommended Spread – 24″ x 24″

An easy to mount, full spectrum LED module that lets you wirelessly control multiple Ethereal modules from your phone or PC.

  • Smart cooling technology
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Full Spectrum
  • Increases growth and enhances coloration
  • Includes mounting system
  • 100-degree lens with reflective cups
  • Cree XT-E and XP-E LEDs

The Ethereal LED system works with all shapes and sizes of tanks and with its wireless expansion capability and can be entirely controlled through your PC, iOS, or Android based device. The ICV6 controller creates a wireless system that lets you connect up to 200 individual units allowing for complete weather control, full spectrum photoperiods, and future accessories. Once you buy one Ethereal LED and ISV6 Controller package you only need to purchase additional single Ethereal LED modules saving you money.

The temperature controlled crossflow cooling technology keeps the LEDs running at their optimal performance and efficiency while increasing their lifespan. The cooling system pulls cold air into the Ethereal light from both the top and bottom and then forces it through the channeled cooling fins and then vented out the sides of the fixture.

Unmatched controllability is brought to the Ethereal by the ICV6 Controller letting it wirelessly connect up to 200 Ethereal LED lights while giving you the capability of programming daily light periods and weather effects. All you need for full control is a PC, iOS, or Android WiFi based device. The Maxspect Ethereal LED lights require the ICV6 for full monitoring and programming. The ICV6 can operate the Ethereal LED light in manual mode without any WiFi connected device, but for full programming, it must be connected to a wireless device.

With 130 watts of LEDs available to the 5 individual color channels allow for a full-spectrum light that is fully programmable through the ICV6 controller. The Ethereal LED employs Cree XT-E & XP-E diodes for their color output and efficiency. Color blending from the Maxspect LED has been enhanced with the 100-degree lens configuration and the reflective cups that significantly increase the overall light penetration into your tank letting you grow those high light corals deeper than ever before.

  • Channel A – Cool White
  • Channel B – White
  • Channel C – Blue
  • Channel D – Royal Blue
  • Channel E – Super Blue

The modular mounting system for the Maxspect Ethereal work with rimmed or rimless tanks and will clamp onto rims up to 1″ thick. The variable distance of the mount lets you customize the distance from the back of your tank, correctly centering it over your aquascape. Maxspect was intelligent enough to make the height of the module increase as the light is extended over your aquarium, allowing for perfect coverage on every tank.

Note: The fixture must have 6″ of space above the light for proper cooling and circulation.

Lighting Coverage:

  • Max Spread – 30″ x 30″
  • Recommended Spread – 24″ x 24″


  • Fixture Dimensions – 9.5″ L x 11.8″ W x 1.3″ H
  • Max Tank Thickness – 1″
  • Total Power – 130W
  • Power Supply – Meanwell NES-200-36
  • Input Voltage – 4.5A/115VAC
  • Output Voltage – 36V 5.9A

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