Aquarium Hardscape Dragon Wood – Medium size 1 pc

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Dragon Wood – Medium

    • Dragon Wood is an intricate and unique piece of driftwood that will add tons of character to any aquascape. Similar to Dragon Stone, Dragon Wood is a natural occurring hardscape full of holes and tunnels. These caves are perfect for fish that enjoy hiding, such as plecos. Dragon Wood Wood come in a range of colors, ranging from dark brown, light brown, and brownish grey. These colors may change overtime from water exposure.Driftwood will release tannins for a period of time which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to the water. Dragon Wood is a great choice for those that enjoy the look of Dragon stone but want to have driftwood in the tank to help lower the pH of the water. Boiling the wood and having activated carbon in the filter can help remove a majority of the tannins from the driftwood and the water column.Small size ranges from 6-12 inches.


      • Dragon Wood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water.
      • Dragon Wood can change water chemistry such as Ph and hardness.
      • Aquarium Dragon Wood is buoyant and will float. Please ensure your piece is fully waterlogged prior to use in a planted tank or it will float upon filling the aquarium.
      • A large stone or heavy decor may be placed on top to ensure a non-water logged piece of wood stays submerged.

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