Aquatic Remedies X-PORES Filter Media

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  • X-PORES Filter Media can used in freshwater & saltwater (marine)
  • Use as aquascaping rocks / stones (Freshwater ONLY)
  • Give a buffering capacity to water and Control your pH level
  • Provides plenty of housing space for bacteria
  • Provides more water flow and increases oxygen


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Aquatic Remedies X-PORES Filter Media

The Finest hand picked natural pumice porous and mineral filter media for aquatic organisms. X-Pores are hand picked 100% natural stones. X-Pores Gives aquarium water a buffering capacity and keeps pH of the water stable. It has many microscopic pores provides plenty of housing space for bacteria. X-pores supplies volcanic minerals for all aquarium organisms. X-pores provides more water flow and increases oxygen.

More about 4-5 cm &  5-10cm size filter media

Due to light weight of x-Pores, these rocks may float in sea water. Use it only for trickle filter units in marine aquarium. For fresh water aquarium you shall use this product as filter media and also as aquascaping rocks. If floats, soak the rocks in water for some time.

Usage :- X-Pores can be use as a life long media which can act as natural bacterial housing media.

Rinse with clean water during first time use.

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800 ML, 5L 20-30MM, 5L 4-5 CM, 5L 5-10 CM

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