Aquatic Remedies Gene Eleven Micro Pellets 100g

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  • These pellets contain premium ingredients to keep fish healthy and energetic
  • Help to bring out the natural colors in your fish
  • Balanced nutrition for daily feeding
  • Reduce uneaten food and fish waste in the tank/Will not cloud aquarium water
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Aquatic Remedies Gene Eleven Micro Pellets 100g

GENE ELEVEN Micro Pellet is enriched with essential amino acids, plant fiber and Vitamin C enriched – High nutritional formula for growth, color and disease resistance.

  • The three-in-one formula supplies rich nutrients for tetras, guppies, barbs and betas.
  • This small fish food has high quality Peruvian fish meal blended with essential amino acids makes fish healthier and supplies an easily digestible protein.
  • The dietary fiber and added vitamin C removes stress and improves fish immunity.
  • The slow sinking pellets are more suitable for the column feeders like tetra, guppy, barb and betas.
  • This premium quality food will not pollute the aquarium water.


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