Aquatic Remedies 5 in 1 Plant Fertilizer Value Pack

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  • Aquatic remedies plant food, 60ml, macro nutrients
  • Aquatic remedies plant health formula, 60ml, micro nutrients
  • Aquatic remedies k++, 60ml, potassium + manganese + calcium supplements
  • Aquatic remedies phyto carb co2 plus, 60ml organic carbon supplement cum algae remover
  • Aquatic remedies micro life s2, 50ml, beneficial bacterial suspension for flora and fauna
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Aquatic Remedies 5 in 1 Plant Fertilizer Value Pack

The complete nutrients for nano planted tank beginner’s pack – plant food – 50 ml – macro nutrients plant health formula – 50 ml – micro nutrients and iron k++ – 50 ml – potassium + manganese supplement for greenish plantsphyto carb – 50 ml – liquid carbon supplement micro life s2 – 50 ml – bacteria suspension for plants and fish plant health formula a perfect blend of aquatic plant micro nutrients packed with advance formulation to create wonderful mimic of aquatic natural eco system and tropical rain forest colour pigment formation. Supply essential micro elements to boost plant’s natural coloration and health. 5 In 1 fertilizer pack for planted aquariummacro + micro + organic carbon + potassium + beneficial bacteriaboost and enhance plant growth and health category/categories – 1 algae removers2 plant fertilizers caution – keep out of reach of children.

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