Algae Remover – Go Algal 1L

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  • Quickly eliminates all types of algae
  • Safe for fishes and aquatic plants
  • Gets rid of greenish and brownish algae
  • Keeps pond and aquarium water, clean and clear
  • Do not use with shrimps, snails, lobsters or any other crustaceans and invertebrates
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Algae Remover – Go Algal 1L

Use Go Algal to control all types of algae in aquariums & ponds

Algae formation in aquarium tank will have a dramatic affect in the growth of plants and fishes. Algae is kind of plant which grows when there is lots of light and nutrients in water. During day time they produce oxygen as other common plants, but during night time, they consume oxygen from the aquarium water, which is very dangerous for the life in aquarium. If algae is untreated at a starting stage, it can create a very complex problems later on. It causes several problems such as blocking the light for plants, fishes gets stuck in floating algae. During day time it consumes Co2 from water, if there isn’t enough Co2 in water, it affects the plants growth and increase the PH level. In order to fight and overcome these problems, GO ALGAL, a specifically formulated solution to reduce and eliminate the algae growth.

This product stops the growth of green chlorophyll’s photosynthesis rate, which stops the growth of algae enzymes. It lowers the phosphate and nitrate levels, which are responsible for algae growth. GO ALGAL does not create any harm to fishes or aquatic plants.

Things to note before using the product

  • Lighting can be cut to 1/2 the time from normal light timing
  • Water change can be done as frequent as possible.
  • Fertilizer use can be reduced to 1/2 the time than regular dosing
  • Feeding can be reduced to 1/2 the percent.
  • Any floating algae can be removed physically using net or tongs
  • Algae on glass can be removed with any scrapper
  • PH level can be maintained to 7.0 during


Use 5ml of GO Algae for about 100L of aquarium or pond water. Repeat dosage every 3 days until algae is fully controlled. Siphon or scrap off any dead algae.

Determine the required quantity of GO Algal, mix it with aquarium or pond water in a container, pour it evenly over the surface of aquarium or pond. Once algae is controlled, use half dose every week to prevent the further algae growth. Enough air should be supplied when using medication.


  • Do not overdose
  • Dilute Go Algal 10ml in 1L of clean water before dosing Pour evenly all around the aquarium.
  • Air and Water circulation is compulsory
  • Do not use with shrimps, snails, lobsters or any other crustaceans and invertebrates.


For Aquarium Use Only & Keep Out Of Reach Of Children

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