ADA Aqua Conditioners Rio Base 250ML

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  • Rio Base is an additive detoxifying the heavy metal contained in tap water.
  • It has mucosa protection ingredient
  • various vitamin and humus acid
  • protects fish branchia and body surface.
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ADA Aqua Conditioners Rio Base 250ML

In the rivers of tropical rain-forests, withered plant leaves accumulated in the riverbed emit various kinds of organic substances in its process of bio-degradation. These organic matters work as an agent to prevent the harmful effect’ against the fish, and provide nutrients to the water plants by combining with ions within the waters. ADA RIO BASE contains those natural organic substances negating the harm of heavy metal ions contained in the tap water and helps to create idealistic water for the tropical fish aquariums. Protective colloid protects mucous membrane and gills of the fish, while vitamins and organic acid provides Vitality to the fish and makes more resistance against the disease. Dosage: Add 6ml of RIO BASE per 10 lt of aquarium water when set up the aquarium. Full cap of RIO BASE holds 12ml. Ass above mentioned amount of RIO BASE at the same ratio when changing water.



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