• Nutro Plus Fish Food Supplement 20ml

    • Multi-spectrum solution designed for fish and shrimps
    • Supplies all the necessary microminerals for optimum growth
    • Improving survival rate, productivity and natural color formation
    • Naturally occurred Vitamin A, E, C, B complex
    145.00 (incl. GST)
  • Hikari Cichlid Gold Medium 250g

    Hikari Cichlid Gold Medium 250g – 4328

    • A daily diet containing special color enhancers designed to bring out your pet’s natural beauty while helping them develop desirable form
    • Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today, offering superior color enhancement while helping your pet retain their natural beauty year round. Can also help restore vivid coloration to washed out specimens
    • High quality natural proteins in an easily digestible form, offer improved growth through efficient nutrient utilization
      Contains uniquely blended nutrients, including stabilized vitamin C, which support immune system health
    573.00 (incl. GST)
  • Tetra Bits Complete 300g

    Tetra Bits Complete 300g

    • Aquarium fish food
    • Maintains colour and shape of tropical fishes
    • Ingredients : fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluses and rustaceans, yeast, minerals, algae, oils and fats
    948.00 (incl. GST)
  • Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets 45g

    Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets 45g – 21108

    • Tropical Micro Pellets – Multi-colored, granulated pellets providing superior nutrition for tetras, barbs and other small-mouthed tropical fish
    • Our unique “Micro Coating” eliminates nutrition loss and water clouding
    • The premium-select marine & vegetable protein mix is ideal for small tropical fish who require larger energy reserves
    • A balance of Krill and Spirulina offers vivid coloration
    • This precisely colored granule improves underwater visibility thereby resulting in more rapid acceptance with less uneaten food
    • A softer texture that’s ideally suited for most smaller community tank fishes
    457.00 (incl. GST)
  • Tetra Bits Complete 93g

    Tetra Bits Complete 93g

    • Promotes well-being, natural colouring and growth
    • Stabilized vitamin c increases resistance to disease
    • Promotes healthy growth and prevents nutrition-related deficiency symptoms
    399.00 (incl. GST)

    Tetra Bits Complete 93g

    399.00 (incl. GST) Add to cart
  • Hikari Cichlid Staple Medium 250g

    Hikari Cichlid Staple Medium 250g – 3328

    • Hikari Cichlid Staple Medium – Provides proper nutrition to help your pet live a long and healthy life
    • Offers excellent growth rates through improved digestion
    • A floating pellet that will not dissolve or cloud your aquarium water
    • High in stabilized vitamin C which promotes resistance to stress and immunity to infectious disease thereby allowing your pet their best chance at maintaining good health
    370.00 (incl. GST)
  • Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini 342g

    Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini 342g – 14633

    • A perfect balance of natural ingredients meant to meet the nutritional demands of most herbivorous fish
    • Use of the inner most portion of the wheat-germ kernel offers more rapid digestion and beneficial natural nutrients your freshwater herbivore craves
    • Contains pure-cultured Spirulina, offering vibrant, natural color-enhancing capacity
    • Contains stabilized vitamin-C which wont degrade over time as easily as non-stabilized vitamin-C and supports a healthy immune system
    892.00 (incl. GST)
  • API General Cure 10 Powder packets

    • A Multipurpose General Remedy For Fresh Water & Salt Water Fishes
    • Effective Against A Wide Range Of Parasitic, Bacterial And Fungal Diseases
    • This Broad Range Medication Can Be Used For Disease Prevention And Quarantine Purpose
    1,160.00 (incl. GST)
  • Aquatic Remedies Stress Heal Water Conditioner 200 ml

    Aquatic Remedies Stress Heal 200ml

      Aloe Vera is the active ingredient acts as a natural wound healer and greater immune stimulant, reduces fish stress. Contains natural antibacterial compound.
      Stress Heal acts as life savor by protecting the fish from ammonia build up, and infectious diseases. Suitable to use during Transport, acclimatization, and water exchange.
      Contains active De-chlorinator and heavy metal binder. Quickly removes chlorine in tap water and binds toxic compounds. Reduces ammonia toxicity in water.
      The synthetic slime coat compounds bind with the skin of the fish and make the protective layer as natural slime coat and rapidly reduce the stress and mortality.
    • DOSAGE:
      10 ml / 100 liter —> during transport: 1 ml / 5 liter.
    320.00 (incl. GST)
  • Hikari Blood Red Parrot Mini 333g

    Hikari Blood Red Parrot Mini 333g – 16233

    • Developed, produced and packaged in our facilities so we can be assured you’ll always get the hikari quality you expect
    • Offering a super-charged nutrient mix plus beneficial living microorganisms that promote rapid, fat-deposit-free growth and desirable form!
    • The superior color enhancing effect derived from our scientifically developed
    • Hikari aquatic lab verified formula which includes chili pepper, phaffia yeast, krill and many more
    892.00 (incl. GST)
  • Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets Mini 250g

    Hikari Cichlid Gold Floating Pellets Mini 250g – 4228

    • Includes the highest grade of carotenoid available today
    • High quality natural proteins in an easily digestible form
    • Contains uniquely blended nutrients, including stabilized vitamin c, which support immune system health.
    • An excellent daily diet for cichlids and larger tropical fish offering a taste and texture they will eagerly accept.
    541.00 (incl. GST)
  • Water Care 4+ Perfect Water Conditioner

    • For Freshwater use ONLY
    • Good Bacterial For Clean & Clear Water
    • Effective micro-organisms by getting into the filter media and substrate
    • When adding it stop CO2 injection and aerate the water
    • Overdose does not cause harmful effects
    353.00 (incl. GST)

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