Ocean Free Insta Fresh Quality Artemia Brine Shrimp 100g

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  • High pressure heat steam sterilisation | parasite less | bacteria less | virus less | fungus less
  • Fortified with calcium, minerals and vitamins for better growth | nutritional value is double that of frozen food | densely packed to ensure you are not paying for water | does not cloud aquarium water
  • Nutritional value: crude protein min – 58.1% | crude fats min – 9.8% | crude fibre max – 7.5%
  • Feeding instructions: feed around 2-3 times daily as much as the fish can consume within 3 minutes. Avoid overfeeding as it can cause problems with water conditions
  • Storage instructions: keep refrigerated after opening. Keep can in a cool dry area for long term storage. It is recommended to use the entire contents within one week of opening. ingredients: artemia salina, water, salt
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Ocean Free Insta Fresh Quality Artemia Brine Shrimp 100g

Ocean Free insta fresh canned fish food, the perfect alternative to frozen fish food. with no thawing, it’s far more convenient and has minimal organic waste. Cans have a lengthy shelf life (3 years from manufacturing), once opened they need to be kept in the fridge.

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