Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head 120g

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  • Feed is specially processed to help the fish grow at a more radiant and healthy fish
  • Increases head growth and shape
  • Special immune substance added to increase fish’s resistance against disease
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Ocean Free FH-G1 Pro Head 120g

Ocean free fh-g1 pro head fish food medium 120gms is the pellet which is the latest technological breakthrough in fish nutrition for flower horn. It will induce greater development of head growth and improve the contour of the nuchal hump. Most importantly, this is a guaranteed hormone-free product that uses only the finest ingredients to ensure that your flower horn receives nutrition of the highest quality ingredients special head growth enhancing ingredient, fish protein, quality white fish meal, krill, spirulina, wheat germ, dried yeast, wheat flour, Antarctic shrimps, protease, stable multi-vitamin and minerals, lecithin, immune substance, calcium, enzyme organic minerals and ocean free opti-fh typical analysis protein: 50 percent(minimum) fat: 6 percent(minimum) fibre: 3 percent(maximum) ash: 13 percent(maximum).

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