Ocean Free Arowana Stabiliser 150ml

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  • Gives a mild but highly effective sedative effect on fishes
  • Idea for shifting fish to another tank
  • Speedily calms panic-stricken fish
  • A quality product used by arowana professionals all over
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Ocean Free Arowana Stabiliser 150ml

Ocean Free Special Arowana Stabilizer is a fish sedative that has proven to be very effective through the years. Special formulated and lab tested to give a mild but highly effective sedative effect on fishes. Fishes sedated with “Ocean free special Arowana Stabilizer” will reach a semi-coma stage in order to reduce the chances of fish injuries/death (from violent struggling) when the tank of surgery, transportation or packing is required.

In case of overdosing, just add in fresh (treated) water and increase aeration immediately. In the case if the fish is in fish bag, pump in full oxygen and bag up after adding in new fresh water. Suitable for transporting fish, fish surgery, and treating external fish diseases.

Speedily calms panic-stricken fish.

Application suitable for bigger sized fish like Arowana, Giant Cichlids, Blood Parrots, Flowerhorns, Cichlids, Kois and Giant Gourami etc. Avoid using this product on fishes without scales (Stingray, Exotic Plecos and Catfishes etc.)

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