Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets 22g – 21102

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  • Multi-colored, granulated pellets providing superior nutrition for tetras, barbs and other small-mouthed tropical fish
  • Our unique “Micro Coating” eliminates nutrition loss and water clouding
  • The premium-select marine & vegetable protein mix is ideal for small tropical fish who require larger energy reserves
  • A balance of Krill and Spirulina offers vivid coloration
  • This precisely colored granule improves underwater visibility thereby resulting in more rapid acceptance with less uneaten food
  • A softer texture that’s ideally suited for most smaller community tank fishes
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Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets 22g – 21102

Manufactured using a modern Bio-Technology process which aids your tropical fish in maintaining brilliant colors in indoor aquariums year round. Contains red, green and yellow granules each with different indispensable nutrients your fish require.Red Granules – Animal origin Granules Include high quality fish meal and well balanced amino acids offering excellent palatability.Green Granules – Plant origin Granules High in plant matter and dietary fiber which helps maintain healthy growth rates.Yellow Granules – Vitamin and mineral Granules Helps reduce stress while activating the immune system to reduce the chances of disease. A semi-floating food, ideal for surface and mid-water feeders, that will not cloud your aquarium water.

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