Fish Tummy Wash 2ml

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  • Use Tummy Wash to cure
  • Fish Floating Bladder Issue ?
  • Fish not Eating ?
  • Fish Swimming upside down / Ulta-Pulta ?
  • Fish Internal parasites ?
  • Follow the below given Usage instructions In product Description

Fish Tummy Wash 2ml

Keep your Fish Happy & Healthy.

  • Fish not Eating food ?
  • Floating Bladder Issue ?
  • Fish Swimming upside down / Ulta-Pulta ?
  • Suspect Internal fish parasites ?

Tummy wash will cure all above things & keep your fish healthy.

Product Usage Directions :-

Option 1

  • Step 1 :- Take 1 time food of your fish (small portion)
  • Step 2 :- Wet that food with few drops of tummy wash bottle (dropper is there)
  • Step 3 :- Feed that wet food instantly to your fish
  • Now feed your fish (remove uneaten food after 5 minutes) and repeat the Step 2 process if your fishes are not accepting food

Option 2

If the fish has stopped eating food, put 0.5 – 1 ml of tummy wash liquid ( based on size, age and fish condition ) directly into the mouth of the fish, by carefully taking the fish outside the water.

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