Dophin C-1600 Canister Filter

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  • 27 watts
  • 2540 L / Hr
  • Hose connection apparatus, faucet, sponge, fiber, ceramic and carbon
  • There are 5 baskets in the filter
  • Valves can move 360 degree
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Dophin C-1600 Canister Filter

It is a 27-watt external filter that provides mechanical cleaning and oxygen in aquariums. 

* 27 watts,
* 220 – 240 volts / 50 Hz,
* 2540 L / Hr,
* Hose connection apparatus, faucet, sponge, fiber, ceramic and carbon.
* There are 5 baskets in the filter.
* Valves can move 360 0 .
* It has 2 meter water pressure.
* Thanks to the pump located on the top cover, it ensures that the water comes easily in the first installation and prevents the filter from making air.
* 26 x 21 x 48,5 cm.

Product Usage; 
* The filter is used below the aquarium, below the aquarium.
* To install the filter, bend and place the two valves in the place that joins the inner (in) / outer (out) written pump.
* Adjust the hose to the required length.
* Make sure the hose is not bent, gently fix the valve heads and tighten the union nuts to ensure that the connection points of both heads are intact.
* Connect the other end of the In (In) hose to the inlet pipe and connect the other Out valve head hose to the fountain pipe, then turn the valve head ball.
* To start, vacuum the air from the filter and press at least 4 to 5 times to fill the water. When the water outlet pipe is filled with water, stop pressing the air vent button, then plug the plug to start the filter operation. 

Cleaning Instructions; 
* Close the inside of the valve head, loosen the screw and remove the inside of the valve head.
* To remove the power cap, open the clip on the body of the filter, then open the small clip at the top of the pump.
* Remove the filter basket separately. Rinse filter sponges and materials with water.
* Never use hot water during the cleaning process.
* Clean the gasket and place it carefully when closing the pump head. 

* The filter should not be operated at water temperature above 35 degrees.
* The jack to which the filter will be connected needs to be checked. Faults in the outlet can cause deterioration of the tool. The plug of the filter must be fully seated and fixed.
* To wet the filter outlet will be installed, and the remote location.
* Attention should be paid to children at home. It should be in a position out of reach of children.
* If the filter is to be operated in a remote position, use an appropriate extension cable.
* Cleaning is recommended after unplugging.
* The filter should be cleaned only with water and detergent should not be used.
* The filter must be cleaned and checked continuously to ensure its function. Worn foam and fiber should be renewed.
* The filter should be careful not to damage the power cord. Should not be repaired if damaged.
* Disturbances in the flow of electricity may cause a decrease in performance of the filter.
* It should not be stored near heat sources.

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