Dophin C-1000 Canister Filter

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  • Voltage: 120-230V
  • Frequency: 60/50 HZ
  • Power Consumption. : 15 watts
  • Compression Height: 180 cm
  • It can filter 1650 liters / hour
  • Best for 150-300 liters aquarium
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Dophin C-1000 Canister Filter

Provides mechanical cleaning and oxygen in 150-300 liter aquariums
It is an external filter that can filter 1650 liters / hour per hour.
Water outlet during use 800 liters
  • The filter materials in the carbon top top baskets in the 3 (three) baskets in the filter are available as standard ceramic ring, activated carbon and black sponge.
  • Thanks to the overhead pump, it is advantageous to prevent the filter from making air by providing water to the bucket easily at the first installation.
  • The unique, latest technology inspired design. It ensures effective use of the entire filter volume.
  • DOPHIN quality, less energy consumption, safer use, longer life and less noise.
  • Different filter materials for the proliferation of beneficial bacteria.
  • The structure of the pump head allows for easier cleaning and maintenance.
  • For fresh and saltwater aquariums.
Voltage: 120-230V
Frequency: 60/50 HZ
Power Consumption. : 15 watts
Compression Height: 180 cm
Dimensions (Width X Height X Height): 20 X 24 X 40
Our products are guaranteed for 3 years.
All Filter spare parts from Dophin C Series are available from stock.
Instruction manual :
The filter is used to be placed lower than the aquarium. Easy to install. All filter materials are available. Before use, bags of products should be removed. In addition, filter materials such as sponge, carbon and ceramic are washed under the tap and placed in filter baskets. Water inlet and outlet hoses are attached. After the hoses are placed in the aquarium, they are ready for operation after the air is pressed with the help of the air pump located in the upper part, from the aquarium to the bucket when water is inserted into the outlet.
Before cleaning the plug must be pulled from the absolute. If the filter materials such as sponge and fiber are cleaned at regular intervals, the filter will make the function healthier.
The jack to which the filter will be connected needs to be checked.
Faults in the outlet can cause deterioration of the tool. The plug of the filter must be fully seated and fixed.
To wet the filter outlet will be installed, and the remote location.
Care should be taken if you have children at home. It should be in a position out of reach of children. If the filter is to be operated in a remote position, use an appropriate extension cable.
The filter should be cleaned only with water and detergent should not be used.
The filter should be cleaned and checked continuously to ensure that the filter is fully functional. Worn foam and fiber, ceramic and carbon should be renewed at regular intervals.
The filter should be careful not to damage the power cord. Should not be repaired if damaged.
Disturbances in the flow of electricity may cause a decrease in performance of the filter.
It should not be stored near heat sources.

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