Aquatic Remedies X-Cera Rio Filter Media 800ml / 350g

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  • Perfect for Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Burned in High temperature & further handmade into ball shape
  • Can use in canister, sump and top filters
  • The First Light Weight ceramic filter media with high porous active surface area for bacteria
  • Unlike the conventional ceramic rings, these ceramic balls are light weight with maximum surface area pores to enable bacterial colonies to grow and do the de-nitrification process within the filtration system
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Aquatic Remedies X-Cera Rio Filter Media 800ml / 350g

  • X-CERA Rio media provides more surface area, which accommodates many type of bacterial colonies, which further multiply by degrading biological waste
  • X-CERA Rio quickly initiate nitrogen cycle and mature fish tank faster
  • X-CERA Rio provides more flow & increase oxygen
  • X-CERA Rio is 100% natural material

Usage :-

  • Filter media in canister filter
  • Filter media in sump filter
  • Filter media in top filter
  • As a special filter media in Arowana, Discus, Shrimps, Flower Horn fish tank
  • Filter media in marine & reef Nitrate rectors

Note* :- Rinse with clean water during first time use.

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