ADA Super 4 Aquarium Additives is now Super 3

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  • Super Additives – Used for Planted Tank Substrate Power Boost
  • 1. Bacter 100
  • 2. Clear Super
  • 3. Tourmaline BC
  • Can be used in already mature aquarium on regular basis
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ADA Super 4 Aquarium Additives is now Super 3

ADA Super 4 As the substrate cannot make a fresh start right after the set up, it is important to prepare the substrate in a nearly perfect condition at time of the initial aquarium set up.

In order to promote the work of micro organisms , it is suggested to sprinkle the following under the soil:

1. Bacter 100
It contains more than 100 kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it can make an ideal substrate environment. Another great feature of Bacter 100 is that it can suppress the growth of green algae by applying a bit of it on the effected portion.

2. Clear Super
It is a substrate additive made from activated carbon and organic acid. Clear Super helps the growth of micro organisms. By sprinkling on the base substrate, it promotes the growth of micro organisms in the substrate and stabilizes the environment.

3. Tourmaline BC
This contains fine bamboo charcoal, giving it the ability to absorb organic pollutant substances. Add some over the substrate during the initial set-up and it will help to improve the substrate environment.

1 Pack is ideal for a 60x30x36 cm aquarium or tank.

Works best with BIO RIO

Empty the contents of the pack into the aquarium before you begin layering the Aquasoil /Power Sand.

The contents can also be mixed with water and poured in to an already mature aquarium on a regular basis.


Note* : Will cause the water to be cloudy if used in tanks without biological Filtration system, and will normal in 1-7 hours.

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